The Increasing Popularity of Wood Screws

Wood ScrewsImplementing the cutting edge technology coupled with an approach of complete customer satisfaction, leading hardware manufacturers in India are engrossed in developing a comprehensive range of wood screws. The range of such screws is procured of diverse types namely stainless steel wood screw, sheet metal screw, brass wood screw and pure wood screw. Quality products and services and timely deliveries have helped these manufactures to gain immense recognition in the domain of industrial screws as well as winning the trust of clients both in India and the international market.Available in a plethora of head styles such as flat head wood screw and oval head wood screw among others, these wood screws can also be customized according to the specifications detailed by customers.

Wood Screws Types

  • CSK HD Screw
  • RD HD Screw
  • Flat head wood screw
  • Oval head wood screw

Wood Screws do make a huge difference in the result of every kind of home project. Although small in size, these simple screws can be the major differences amid a finished construction that will last for ages and one that have high chances of falling apart the very first time one uses it. Screws made of wood have come a very long way with respect to the technology they employ and also their performance. This technological advancement allows for longer lasting and better results in one’s home projects thereby translating into a superior looking project and that too with supreme quality. The entire range of wood screws is precisely checked prior to offering the same to clients for ensuring that that these are flawless. Wood screws are specially used for converting rotational motion to linear motion as well as facilitating the fixture of varied pieces of wood and are available at pocket friendly prices.


Wood screws are specially designed using the ISO standard guidelines. Fulfilling the requirement of manifold industries and owing to its salient features such as high tensile strength, hard wearing, sturdy and resistant to corrosion, such screws have earned enormous appreciation from the customers. The list of industries where wood screws are mostly used includes;

  • Automobile
  • Sugar Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Ship Building
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Oil Refineries

When it comes to constructing anything made from wood namely a table, a bookcase and a wooden frame for homes, it is such screws that work wonders in holding everything together. These screws are used either for fastening together two wood pieces or for fastening other materials to any piece of wood particularly a hinge. The wood screws comprise of three parts namely the screw shank, the screw thread and the screw head. The unique design of such screws allows a piece of wood to be securely fixed to another piece of wood or other object and these slotted screws are made to precision in varied head, length and bottom combination.

The design of such wood screws depends on definite features of how wood works together with the screw. A wood screw when compared to a metal screw has many differences. Wood screws are tapered thereby making the connection even more secure while on the other hand metal screws do not come with a taper and due to this it should never be used on any type of wood applications. Such screws have a tendency to back out from the hole resulting in the joints to fail. However often wood screws are not equipped with threads that widen all the way towards the screw head and it is this feature that helps to keep the wood screw securely in place. For best results, it is best to use wood screws in a wood project.

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