Finishing gives the Hinges a perfect definition

Steel Hinges Hinges are a requirement in all furniture and construction related domains. A large availability of such products is found in most hardware shops. The prime purpose of these is to provide security in its own way. Besides this, it adds to the decor of the environment which depends as to how this is being utilized and fitted.Selecting a hinge needs to have certain factors which are required to be kept into consideration like the type of hinge, color, metal used, finishing, the dimensions and the furniture or hardware where they are utilized. In today’s market one will find an assorted type of hinges which vary in size, shape and finishes. The only common thing amongst all is that all are made of metal which provides the strength and durability as per the type of metal such as steel, bronze or brass hinges.

Small detailing such as the finishing of the hinges makes a lot of difference in the look of the environment. One can easily distinguish between a good and a great look. What makes a perfect hinge is the precise finishing. Various types of metal hinges with a wide variety of finishes are available to suffice the specific needs. With such finishes being an important part of selecting or using a hinge has been a development over the years which categorizes the standard of living. With the advancement of technology, the need for the production of accurate hinges and good looks makes a world of difference.

Such hardware is reviewed on the Hingesbasis of the design, the color, material used, life conditions and the type of finishes. Zinc, brass, steel, bronze and other such metals are most commonly used in the making and are available in the market. Certain factors which determine the finishing of the hinges are:

  1. Economic factors in terms of costing
  2. Aesthetic factor which is concerned about the visibility
  3. Location
  4. Material used
  5. Type of hinge

The various types of hinges are plated with nickel, gold and chromium which give it an aesthetic look. The base metal provides the desired characteristics of the hardware which depends on the function of the hinges and the condition where they are being utilized. There are hinges which are completely made of metal and others which are metal plated. It becomes very much easier for one to distinguish between them by identifying the strength that the product possesses. Finishing is all about looking classy and attractive but this should not affect the quality in any form.

One of the most common types of hinges is made of brass which offers a brassy color. Such type of hinges has been associated for years with the polished look and ornate. The brass hinges are strengthened by precise measurements, various specifications in pins, tips, corners and the superior quality finish. Brass being soft can be molded into any form as per the requirement.Polished Hinges

Stainless Steel hinges for glass doors are one of the favorites. Such hardware is comparatively cheap, durable and strong. Stainless steel hinges have the ability to compliment almost anything in the environment. Such hinges made of steel alloys consist of chromium which when reacts with oxygen forms chromium oxide on the metal surface. This acts as a protective layer and prevents the steel hinge to get damaged. Though they are not aesthetically yet they have it in them to avoid rusting even when exposed to salt air and salt water. This is one type of metal hinges which does not take on any type of finishes.

Iron Hinges are strong enough to hold a lot of pressure. Wrought iron are utilized which can handle any dimensional fittings. Bronze Hinges are also available in either completely bronze form or in the form of bronze plated. Bronze being a strong metal provides the hinges with the strength it requires. Brass plated hinges are weaker than the pure brass hinges. Chrome plated hinges are highly polished and looks good when used in cabinet hardware. They are highly resistant to corrosion. The Galvanized hinges are the ones where the finish is applied to steel items. Most of the hinges are galvanized and are weatherproof.

The thin finish which is applied to the surface of the hinges does not affect the durability of base metal. Such finishing assists the steel, bronze or brass hinges take on bright and polished look.


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